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Project Thunderbolt, The LS3 V8 Miata - Part 8: Reassembly Begins: Fuel System, Wiring, Shifter & Lots More!

Up to this point you’ve seen me tear down, tear apart, strip, cut, beat, weld and paint. The driving force behind these steps was to prepare our chassis to accept its new drivetrain. We’ve now reached a critical milestone in our build process- we’re done test fitting things, the chassis modifications are complete and reassembly can begin! The work is going to happen quickly from here on out, so hang on!

After reacquainting myself with parts that have been stashed away for months, I start by reinstalling the brake system, chassis wiring harness and interior carpet. Hey, this thing is starting to feel like a car again! From there I bolted a new Hurst Shifter onto our T56 Magnum, installed the fuel system to feed our hungry LS3 and bolted up our frame rails and crossmember for good.

This may be the most exciting part of the build- the foundational work is behind us and everything we do from here on out gets us much closer to firing this monster up for the first time! Until next time, thanks for coming along for the ride!

Here's the video version of this update. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and watching, see ya next time!