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Project Thunderbolt, The LS3 V8 Miata - Part 5: Engine Goodies, Cooling & Air Intake!

In this update work begins on our engine as we install the Chevrolet Performance CTS-V Accessory Drive System with Air Conditioning. This impressive kit includes everything needed to supply our LS3 engine with the accessories it requires, while easily fitting in our tight engine bay with room to spare. The best part is that we don’t have to attempt to sort out a serpentine drive system ourselves, which can be difficult and costly.

Next we get to work mounting our Fluidyne radiator, fabricating a mount for our new drive by wire gas pedal, bolting up our shorty headers and making room for the Corvette Z06 intake that looks cool and will inhale all of the cool air that our hungry LS376/525 will ever need.

Here's the video version of this update. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and watching, see ya next time!