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Project Thunderbolt, The LS3 V8 Miata - Part 4: Rear End, Chassis Work, Engine Prep and The Transmission Arrives!

In this update, work begins in the engine bay as we weld thick reinforcement braces designed to add strength and support back to the firewall area that we modified to fit our LS3.

After that job is complete, our next task is to mount our new strong and compact Cadillac CTS-V 3.42 differential into the stock Mazda rear subframe. This is done by bolting an adapter in place and welding in a couple of mounting tabs for the front differential mount. Once the welds cooled, I sprayed the modified subframe with Summit Racing’s Chassis Paint, which I’ve used many times over the years with excellent results.

After admiring our Tremec T-56 Magnum six speed manual transmission for a bit, work continues on the engine as we install a couple sensors to ensure our Miata’s factory gauges will work properly and then bolt on a new low profile Moroso aluminum oil pan.

Here's the video version of this update. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and watching, see ya next time!