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Project Thunderbolt, The LS3 V8 Miata - Part 10: More Suspension, More Wiring, Brakes & Exhaust!

In this action-packed update we’re finishing up the bulk of our electrical work by finding a home for all of the wires that run into the cabin. Included in this birds nest is the drive by wire gas pedal wiring, speedometer wires, temperature and oil pressure gauge signal wires, fuel pump lead, tach signal wire, ECU outputs and others.

After finding a home for all of those, it was time to plumb and route the radiator and heater hoses. Once that was complete the front and rear suspension was reinstalled, along with a variety of upgrades including a big brake kit up front.

With the suspension hanging in place, it was time to put the “thunder” in Project Thunderbolt by fabricating an exhaust system that will compliment the character of this car perfectly. To accomplish this I used a variety of top-quality parts from Summit Racing, like their Rod Builder Exhaust Kit, which includes enough piping and bends to build practically any custom exhaust system that you could dream up. Now that we’ve completed the front section of the exhaust, the to-do list is getting pretty short. I think there’s a good chance we’ll hear this beast run in the next update!

Here's the video version of this update. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and watching, see ya next time!